Policy D2 

Equestrian Development

Extensions to existing equestrian operations or development of new equestrian facilities in open countryside locations will be granted, where it can be demonstrated that:

1. The development will not have an adverse effect on the landscape or the character of the area;

2. The development, or effects resulting from the development, will not have an unacceptable impact on residential amenity;

3. The development is grouped where possible with new/existing structures;

4. The development would not result in the loss of best quality agricultural land; and

5. Size, scale, design and construction materials are appropriate to its setting and function.

6. Where possible, it should link with the existent Bridleway network.

7. The development will not have an overly adverse impact on the highway network.

In assessing the proposals, the Council will consider the justification given, the sustainability credentials of the development and the cumulative impact when formulating its decision.

Where possible, proposals should make use of existing buildings and/or where possible use sites within or adjoining settlements.