Policy D1 

Raising the Standard of Design

All new developments should be of high quality design. All development proposals will be assessed against all the following criteria:

a) Siting and layout must be sympathetic to the character of the area;

b) New development should meet basic urban design principles outlined in this plan and any accompanying Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD);

c) Buildings and development should be designed to reflect the wider context of the local area and respect the local vernacular without stifling innovative design;

d) Amenity of neighbours and neighbouring properties should not be compromised; 

e) Appropriate provision should be made for the sustainable management of waste, including collection and storage facilities for recyclable and other waste;

f) Sustainable means of communication and transportation should be used where appropriate;

g) Development should be designed to reduce crime and the perception of crime.

h) Existing trees and hedges should be utilised, together with new landscaping, to negate the effects of development;

i) Proposals include appropriate, safe connection to the existing highway network;

j) Performs well against Building for Life 12 or any subsequent guidance and seeks to develop the principles of 'Active Design' for housing developments;

k) Makes adequate provision for car parking; and

l) Development should be managed so as to control disruption caused by construction for reasons of safeguarding and improving health well-being for all.