Policy C9 

Healthy Communities

All development proposals should make a positive contribution to the following promoters of health and well-being:


a. Good quality, accessible green spaces, public realm, sports and recreational facilities close to where people live and work, to encourage greater participation in play, sport, walking and cycling and to maximise opportunities for social interaction;


b. Safe, convenient and attractive network of streets, paths and cycleways integrated with public transport which connect homes, workplaces, shops, schools, healthcare, leisure and other services and facilities to encourage active travel and prevents social isolation;


c. High quality local food growing spaces, including green roofs, edible landscaping, garden plots, community gardens, allotments and local markets, in order to provide access to fresh, healthy and affordable food;


d. ‘Healthy Homes’ that are affordable, easy to warm, have good natural light, decent space (internal and external), exploit views, safe from flooding and overheating, and are adaptable to people’s changing circumstances that can occur over a lifetime;


e. High quality residential amenity;


f. A range of employment opportunities in accessible locations;


g. The avoidance of over concentration or clustering of any use type that could detract from people’s ability to adopt healthy lifestyles (including hot food takeaways, payday lenders and betting shops);


h. Good local air quality, with new development in an air quality management area to be consistent with the aims and objectives of the Air Quality Action Plan, providing an air quality assessment where appropriate.


Contributions will be sought from developers towards the provision of health facilities where their development would impact on the capacity of existing healthcare provision.

Proposals for new health care facilities should relate well to public transport services, walking and cycling routes and be accessible to all sectors of the community. Opportunities for the multi-use and co-location of health facilities with other services and facilities should be considered to provide co-ordinated care and a community focus.

Health impacts of major development proposals should be considered early in the planning process through the submission of a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) with a planning application, where the Local Planning Authority requests it.