Policy C8 

Self Build and Custom Build Housing

To support prospective self-builders and custom builders on sites of 100 dwellings or more, developers will supply at least 5% of serviced dwelling plots, for sale, at an appropriate price, to self-builders or custom builders, which will be controlled by the following means:

A) the Council may seek developments of 5 self-build or custom build dwellings in a single site location to be developed in accordance with an agreed design code;

B) where plots have been made available and marketed appropriately for at least 12 months and have not sold, the plot(s) may either remain on the open market or be built out by the developer. 

C) marketed plots should be of a size at least equal to that of those for detached dwellings of 2-3 bedrooms on the main development site.

In locations within or adjacent to the built form of settlements and those in keeping with the surrounding area, self-build proposals for community schemes will be particularly supported.