Policy C7 

Rural Services

Support will be given to proposals and activities that protect, retain or enhance existing community services and facilities* or that lead to the provision of additional assets that improve community cohesion and well-being to encourage sustainable development.

Proposals for the change of use of community facilities*, which would result in the loss of the community use, will only be permitted where it is clearly demonstrated that either:

  1. there are alternative facilities available and active in the same village which would fulfill the role of the existing use/building, or

  2. the existing use is no longer viable (supported by documentary evidence), and there is no realistic prospect of the premises being re-used for alternative business or community facility use.

The proposal must also demonstrate that consideration has been given

a) the re-use of the premises for an alternative community business or facility, and that effort has been made to try to secure such a re-use;
b) the potential impact closure may have on the village and its community, with regard to public use and support for both the existing and proposed use.

* including facilities such as community/village halls, village shops, post offices, schools, health services, care homes, public houses, playing fields and allotments.