Policy C1(B) 

Reserve Sites

Proposals for new housing development on the reserve sites listed in this policy and identified on the Policies Map approved will be permitted where:


a) It helps to meet the identified housing requirement and development needs of the settlement; and

b) It will secure the sustainability of the settlement; and

c) It is demonstrated that a) and b) above cannot be achieved through allocation under Policy C1(A) and other permissions granted

Where proposals on reserve sites are submitted, assessment will be carried out taking into account the following:

i. the degree to which the allocated requirement is unmet within a settlement;

ii. the likelihood that the allocated sites and outstanding permissions in the relevant settlement category (Melton Mowbray or Service Centre) will be delivered; and

iii. evidence of the extent of community support through allocation of reserve sites in Neighbourhood Plans and/or bespoke approaches to measuring support

Reserve Sites (total capacity: 562 dwellings):

  • MEL11. Snow Hill, Melton Mowbray (240)

  • HAR5. Land south of Colston Lane, Harby (13)

  • LONG4. Canal Farm, Long Clawson (40)

  • OLD2. Debdale Hill Field, Old Dalby (23)

  • SOM3. Land off Burrough Road, Somerby (33)

  • STAT3. Land west of Blacksmiths End, Stathern (45)

  • WAL3. Land east of Melton Road, Waltham on the Wolds (168)