Neighbourhood development

plans - Bottesford

Bottesford Parish Council is now at the stage of drafting its Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Before submitting a plan proposal to the local authority, Bottesford will be publicising details of the proposals locally to everybody who lives or works in the parish. Residents will be informed how to make a representation and the group will consult with any other interested bodies that are affected by the proposals.

Some of the issues covered in the plan include the location and design of housing development, environmental matters, retention of key services and employment opportunities.

Prior to this, the group have already gone through a statutory six week consultation to designate the Neighbourhood Plan area, which ran from 16th August 2013 to the 27th September 2013.

No representations were received on the application.

Bottesford received its area designation on 4th October 2013.

Next steps

A pre-submission consultation will take place prior to submitting the plan to Melton Borough Council. More updates will be provided as this develops.

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Parish Contact details

The contact for Bottesford Parish Council and Neighbourhood planning is:

Parish Clerk: Kathryn Price

Tel: 01949 222478