Bottesford NDP

Policy 8 
Ensuring High Quality Design

1. To be supported, proposals should demonstrate a high design quality that will contribute positively to the character of the Parish. In order to achieve this, new development proposals should demonstrate how they will reinforce the character of the area as defined in the Bottesford Parish Design Code 2020 (see Appendix J) and comply with the following design principles;

a) respond to the local character of both the surrounding area and the immediately neighbouring properties; and

b) demonstrate sensitive positioning within plots and be of such scale and form as to not dominate neighbouring properties or the streetscape; and

c) show thorough understanding of the history and design qualities of the surrounding buildings and provide a clear rationale for how this is taken into account in the design of the proposals; and

d) use native trees, dry ditches and hedgerows in landscaping schemes and boundary treatment where possible that reflect and enhance the surrounding character; and

e) use a colour palette reflecting the hues in local materials; and

f) be of a scale, density and mass that is sympathetic to the character of the immediate locality, including the rural heritage and the historic setting of the Conservation Areas; and

g) show how the buildings, landscaping and planting creates well defined streets and attractive green spaces; and

h) include a layout that maximises opportunities to integrate new development with the existing settlement pattern; and

i) provide safe access, parking and servicing arrangements (including bin storage); and

2. Diversity of design, orientation, and plot size is a feature of the existing built environment. Proposals should demonstrate a variety of house sizes and types on irregular plots where possible that reinforces this distinctive character.

3. Well-designed buildings should be appropriate to their location and context. This may include innovative and contemporary design solutions provided they positively enhance the character and local distinctiveness.