Bottesford NDP

Policy 7 
Improving Connectivity

1. Development which is directly related to improving or extending the non-vehicular routes across the Parish will be supported where the proposals;

a) do not detract from the landscape character as defined in the most recent Landscape Character Assessment Study and the Bottesford Design Code; and

b) are for the purpose of improving non-vehicular routes; and

c) will not harm protected local habitats.

2. Development proposals will be expected to demonstrate how they protect and where possible enhance existing public rights of way and permissive routes affected by those developments. Opportunities to improve non-vehicular linkages between existing routes from the edge of the existing settlement to the countryside, into Bottesford village and the open spaces within the Village Envelopes are supported.

3. Where applicable developer contributions will be sought to improve the network of public accessible walking/cycling routes across the Parish.