Bottesford NDP

Policy 2 
Protecting the Landscape Character

1. The Key Views, (see Maps 9a and 9b) the Areas Of Separation (see Figure 2) and the Significant Green Gaps (see Map 7a, 7b and 7c) contribute to the distinctive landscape character of the Parish. Development proposals should respect these important designations and take account of them in their designs and layouts. Development proposals which would have an unacceptable impact on the designations will not be supported.


2. Proposed development within identified Significant Green Gaps should take account of the way in which they contribute to the wider character of the neighbourhood area and the separation between the various settlements. The layout, scale and boundary treatment of the post development within identified Significant Green Gaps should retain a sense of openness within the identified areas and allow a soft transition from open countryside area as appropriate.

3. Exceptions to 2 will be considered where no suitable alternative location is available and where the benefits of development significantly and demonstrably outweigh the adverse impacts.

4. As appropriate to the scale, nature and location, development proposals should take account of the cultural sensitivity and historical link and viewpoint between St Mary’s Church from Belvoir Castle. Where it is both necessary and practicable to do so, the layout and design of the proposed development should safeguard the existing viewpoint.

5. The quality and accessibility of the natural environment in Bottesford Parish is highly valued by local residents. As appropriate to the scale, nature and location development proposals across Bottesford Parish should demonstrate that they are sympathetic to the landscape setting as defined in the Bottesford Parish Design Code 2020 and Table 5.

6. Any required mitigation planting and boundary treatment should include native species.

7. Development in Bottesford Village should present a soft boundary to the open countryside (native hedges, low fences and native trees) to minimise the impact of development on the landscape character. This means that where the site boundary extends to more than 5 metres schemes should include low fences, hedges and native trees and should avoid 2 metre high close board fences.

Map 7a Significant Green Gaps Bottesford and Easthorpe
Map 7b Significant Green Gaps Muston
map 7b.png
Map 7c Significant Green Gaps Normanton
map 7c.png
Map 9a Key Views
map 9a.png
Map 9b Key Views
map 9b.png
Figure 2 Extracted from the Areas of Separation Study, Settlement Fringe Sensitivity and Local Green Space Study
figure 2.png