Bottesford NDP

Policy 15 
Development of BOT 1 Land to rear of Daybell’s Farm and 18 Grantham Road

1. Planning permission will be granted for residential development in accordance with MBC Local Plan Policy C1 (A) on the site shown on Map 2 where the proposals combine to provide a scheme for comprehensive development of the whole of BOT 1.

2. Proposals should also demonstrate a high design quality as defined in Neighbourhood Plan Policy 8 (1). This means;

a) homes of mixed styles, types and tenures (market and affordable) with the potential for custom builds;

b) a design, density and layout that reinforces the local rural character in accordance with the Bottesford Parish Design Code 2020; and

c) the use of materials and an associated sensitive colour palette that compliments the surrounding area; and

d) to the front, boundary treatment of low walls or hedges that create private space to allow for the planting of native trees and shrubs;

e) where plot boundaries run to the south, west or east of BOT 1, a boundary treatment in the form of hedges or low walls/fences that allows for a soft transition to the open countryside reflecting the site’s location within the Area of Separation; and

f) a layout safeguards the public right of way that runs through the site

g) a flood risk assessment has been undertaken which establishes that the proposed development would not give rise to an increased risk of surface water flooding either on the site or in the vicinity which cannot be effectively mitigated.

3. Proposals are required to demonstrate the safety of any residential development and future occupants from identified flood risks, over the lifetime of the development in accordance with the NPPF.

4. Proposals will be required to manage surface water through keeping to a minimum the creation of non-permeable areas and the incorporation of SuDS, which mimic natural drainage patterns, are appropriate to the existing landscape character, contribute towards water recharge and improve biodiversity.

5. The mature trees and hedgerows on the site are part of the character of the Parish. The landscape scheme should demonstrate how the trees and hedgerows have been retained or their loss minimised.

6. The proposal should seek a net biodiversity gain in accordance with Neighbourhood Plan Policy 3 (2).

7. Where their layouts involve the loss of existing trees, development proposals should incorporate replacement trees to take account of the details of policy 3 (3) of this Plan.

Map 2 MBC’s Policies Map for Bottesford and Easthorpe
map 2.png