Bottesford NDP

Policy 14 
Enhancing the Provision of Community Facilities

1. Proposals to improve community facilities within the Parish will be supported where;

a) consultation in accordance with the Key Principle has been undertaken and demonstrates support for the proposal; and

b) the design and location of the scheme is in accordance with the other policies in this Plan.

2. Development proposals for community facilities should demonstrate that the scheme takes into account the most up to date published evidence of community need in the Parish and the surrounding parishes, and that the proposal can be satisfactorily accommodated in its intended location.’

3. The redevelopment of the community facilities listed in Table 11 for non-community uses will not be supported unless it can be demonstrated that the operation of the facility is no longer financially viable or necessary or that a replacement facility of equal size and quality is provided in an equally accessible location.

4. Development proposals for new allotments will be supported.

Table 11 Services and Community Facilities
table 11.png