Bottesford NDP

Policy 13 
Supporting the Local Economy

1. Development proposals that enable the sustainable growth of businesses both through the conversion of existing buildings and well-designed new buildings will be supported where they are located in accordance with Borough policies.

2. Proposals for employment development outside the Village Envelopes, will be supported where:

a) the scale, design and form, is in keeping with built environment and landscape character in accordance with the Bottesford Parish Design Code; and

b) in terms of both buildings and operation are appropriate for the location (in accordance with Borough and national policies) ; and

c) the proposed use is compatible with neighbouring uses; and

d) it includes adequate parking service and access arrangements; and

e) it includes a landscaping scheme and boundary treatment to reflect its location in a rural area.

3. New sites for business development will be supported;

a) on brownfield sites; and

b) where small scale concerns already exist in a suitable location; and

c) where the scale, design and form, is in keeping with built environment and landscape character.

4. The loss of existing employment land or buildings will not be supported unless it can be demonstrated that the site is no longer viable and that the premises have been suitably marketed for a period of 6 months; or the use is being replaced in the vicinity

5. All new business development should include super fast broadband connections.

6. To ensure pedestrian safety in the village centre, and in recognition of the existing limited opportunities for on street parking, proposals for infill development on Queen Street, Albert Street, High Street, Chapel Street, Market Street and Church Lane /Street in Bottesford village will be required to demonstrate that adequate on-site parking has been provided:

d) to accommodate resident and visitor parking; and

e) reflect the higher car ownership and usage due to the rural location; and

f) to reflect the very limited provision that exists for off street parking.

7. The provision of a public car park in the vicinity of Bottesford village centre is supported where the proposal does not have an unacceptable impact on the following matters on;

a) the amenity of nearby residents; or

b) the character and appearance of the area in which it is located; and

c) where the boundary treatment and surface treatment is appropriate to the rural setting.

8. Development that enhances the offer of tourist facilities will be supported where the proposal demonstrates it is appropriate in its location, scale and design and that it would not have an unacceptable impact on the character and appearance of the natural and historic assets of the Parish.