Bottesford NDP

Policy 12 
Protecting Heritage Assets

1. The buildings and structures listed in Appendix H are identified as locally valued heritage assets.

2. The effect of a proposal on the significance of a non-designated heritage asset, including their setting, will be taken into consideration when determining planning applications. Applications that are considered to cause substantial harm to a non-designated heritage asset will require a clear and convincing justification.

3. Insofar as planning permission is required the restoration of listed buildings At Risk, or those on a Local List in similar circumstances, will be supported where the proposed use is compatible with their designation provided that the proposal;

a) recognises the significance of the heritage asset as a central part of the proposal; and

b) has special regard to the desirability of preserving the asset or its setting or any

c) features of special architectural or historic interest.

4. Gardens and open spaces form part of the special interest of the Conservation Areas. Development will only be supported on gardens and open spaces between buildings within the Conservation Areas where it can be demonstrated that the proposals shall not harm the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.