Bottesford NDP

Policy 10 
A Mix of Housing Types

1. Development proposals for housing will be required to demonstrate that they take into account the most up to date published evidence of housing needs in Bottesford Parish and Melton Borough. In Bottesford current evidence is that there is a demonstrable need is for 2 and 3 bed dwellings suitable as starter homes and bungalows.

2. A target of 32% of dwellings on all developments of 11 or more dwellings and/or where the floor space exceeds 1000m2 should be affordable, having regard to market conditions, housing needs, housing mix (in regard to tenure, type and size) economic viability and other infrastructure requirements.

3. The affordable dwellings should include affordable home ownership and affordable dwellings for rent.

4. The development of new homes which achieve part M4.2 or part 4.3 of the building regulations will be supported where they otherwise comply with development plan policies.

5. In accordance with Borough Policy C3, 1-3 bed dwellings where the national space standard is applied will be supported.

6. The provision of smaller market dwellings, especially those suitable for older people, e.g. bungalows and other level access accommodation, will be supported across the Parish and in locations up to a 10-minute walk from Bottesford village centre.

7. Proposals for new dwellings which incorporate flexible layouts which will facilitate homeworking will be supported.